Monday, July 22, 2013

We decided to replace our current toilet. It is a model 31646, Thetford.  It is low profile, has the flusher on the back and left, not easy to use.  Called Thetford got the replacement unit and ordered from Camping World. Replacing with Aqua Magic 5, 31667. Cost was 189.00. I did a lot this work earlier and had purchased the new toilet about three weeks ago.
Picture of model. I have the manual could not tell which model we had, luckily the camera shot gave me the model number

Toilet in the bathroom. Note the pedestal it is mounted on comes into play later.
Took off old toilet view straight down. That black circle is the shroud.

Connection with flange on the toilet where it meets the plumbing. (yeah I know a little nasty)Do not know why they call this black circle flange and not gasket. Maybe because of the shape.
Inside of the toilet, a little bit of mold inside, not really to bad considering toilet is about nearly been there 6 years.

Order this from Camping World, great looking step flush hi-rise toilet. Problem to high with the pedestal. Back to camping world.
New toilet low profile, please note picture, right toilet with step. Open box no step flush  @#%ERE hahah  yes back to Camping World this is same one we have now. Lesson learned the hard way, look in the box.. I was not happy, can not believe this. But my fault. Cost was 23.00 cheaper.
Went to CW picked up new toilet. Different style but a Thetford porcelain bowl, very nice.
Same guy at CW, sure he is getting tired of seeing me but very helpful. haha
Cost was 207.00, so had to chip in some more money.
New toilet out of box. Since it is porcelain a little heavier.

You can see the difference in size of bowl.

    New bowl mounted and tested. The box did not have the rubber flange, or nuts and screws. Yes I opened the box right on the floor. haha,, I think they thought I was crazy. Sales guy got me a packet with flange and screws.  Of course I get home and put the flange on the bottom of toilet set it on the shroud can already tell the new screws are too long. Take the old screws put them in the shroud and presto.  The step flush is on the other side bowl. Can see the step on picture on the box.
     After I tighten the nuts down notice there is too much play between the front and rear stand of the toilet where it sits. The flange and gasket shroud are meeting good with no problem. I also can open the toilet and see the gasket flange.  Hmmm,  I decide to make a couple of shims 1/8 inch wood about 5 inches long to put on the front and rear of the toilet mounting area. (used paint stirrers).. no wobble at all. Tighten it down and no wobble. Water connection was no problem in the rear.
     Hooked up the water hose for testing.  Forgot to tell you it was about 91 degrees inside the RV. I'm sweating like a pig. Try and dry my hands and get all the sweat off the toilet and the floor. Check water connection no problem, flange and shroud no problem, flush about 10 times let the water run etc. No problem.   Dry the sweat again. Started mowing the yard. Checked and flushed again no problem. Finish yard, last check and flush still no problems. Eureka.
NOTES.   I am writing Thetford about not having a packet in the box. See if they will send me a new one. Also will ask about the mounting to make sure I'm going to be okay. Toilet sits very nice and sturdy on the mount in the bathroom. As anything else new, will keep an eye on it to make sure everything is functioning. 8/12/13, Received the mounting pack from Thetford, I checked the screw length, yes you guess it, wrong size screws. I will remount the toilet when I get it home again. betting I want have to use the shimmies . I can not believe they gave me the wrong screws.  Lesson make sure you have the right screws for the mount.  Note,, person at Thetford told me they only have one size screw,,,NOT TRUE....
       Time-- jeepers who knows haha... three trips to CW. If everything would have been perfect less than an hour from box to mounting and another 30 minutes for testing. It's a pretty easy set up and job if you stay in the same brand. No change out of the shroud. 
      Will do update in couple of days after I contact Thetford.